Specs Howard School Announces Expansion, Hiring

School Adding 2,500 Sq Ft at Studio Center, More Classes and Seeking Up to 10 New Staff Members
Responding to an increased demand for a workforce knowledgeable in digital media arts and graphic design, Specs Howard School of Media Arts will be expanding its Farmington Hills campus at Studio Center by 2,500 square feet to add class space and nine editing suites; adding four classes at its Southfield campus; and hiring up to 10 new staff members.
With a broadcast curriculum spanning nearly 40 years, Specs Howard School added a Graphic Design program in 2008, film workshops in 2009 and the Digital Media Arts program in 2010. With each program, the school has increased faculty, student services and support staff. The school has added nearly 40 staffers in the past year in all departments, including faculty, career services, marketing and administration.
  For 2011, the school is seeking additional faculty and adjunct faculty for the Graphic Design and Digital Media Arts programs, as well personnel for career services and the business office.
  “We hear regularly from employers requesting students from our programs because of the diversified skill-set we provide them. They want media-savvy employees who not only know how to run the soundboards or cameras but who can edit video; have experience in graphics; and understand Web development, compression and content delivery,” said Lisa Zahodne, President/COO of Specs Howard School.
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  Through intensive 12-month programs, Specs Howard School of Media Arts’ Graphic Arts and Digital Media Arts curriculum provide students with a comprehensive foundation for careers in the growing graphic design and digital media fields, respectively.

Areas of focus in the Graphic Arts program include:
  • Working With and Manipulating Text   
  • Digital Photography and Editing   
  • Animation for Web Design   
  • Website Maintenance and Design
  • Package Design   
  • Portfolio Creation and Presentation
Areas of focus in the Digital Media Arts program include:

·     Digital Media Production and Editing
·     ENG (electronic news gathering)
·     Graphic Design
·     Motion Graphics
·     Website Design
·     Writing for Digital Media


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