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Job seekers: Don’t fall for these 10 tricky interview questions

With an unemployment rate of 8.5 percent, there are a lot of job seekers out there. The way these potential employees will get hired starts with the dreaded job interview, says Joyce Lain Kennedy, author of “Job Interviews For Dummies."
 “Job interviews are still those crucial meetings that seal the deal on who gets hired and who gets left on the outside looking in,” says Kennedy,
“And with any good job interview come questions that always seem to trip us up.”
So, you ask, what’s the best job interview response to all questions?
 “It’s the one that adds up to ‘Hire me!’” says Kennedy. “But recruiters report that high numbers of job seekers blab negative information without realizing they’re making a farewell address to a job opportunity. Hang in there! With the proper preparation, you can begin to give slam-dunk answers to any interview question.”
Following are ten primetime tricky probes and advice on how you should answer them to land your dream job:

1. Why have you been out of work…

Get Ready for Rock-N-Rave in Houston!

Azox is glad to be a sponsor for the premier Convergence party as Rock-N-Rave makes its way down to Houston during Convergence 2012. The party will be so big this year we are taking it to two venues, Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar and Lucky Strike Lanes. The party gets started on Monday, March 19th from 9 PM - 2 AM. For those of you making the trip to Convergence this year we look forward to seeing you there. Stay up to date by visiting the Official Rock-N-Rave Facebook page.

IMPACT 2012 features business building sessions

Automation Alley’s IMPACT 2012 conference is 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7 at Centerpoint Marriott, 3600 Centerpoint Parkway, Auburn Hills. The day will begin with a keynote panel moderated by Carol Cain, columnist at the Detroit Free Press and featuring: Dave Morris, manager of corporate research, Michigan Economic Development Corporation; Michael Fezzey, president, Huntington National Bank: East Michigan Region and Tim Bryan, chairman and CEO, GalaxE.Solutions. The cost to pre-register in advance is $69 for members and $99 for nonmembers.  The event will come to a close with networking and a cocktail reception from 3-5 p.m. There will be a chance to win raffle prizes, appetizers will be served and a cash bar will be available. Sponsorships are available. To register, email or call 800-427-5100.

Breakout session topics include:
•    Helping Find the "and" in Your Brand, Jamie Michelson, President, SMZ Advertising
•    Ideas to Help Grow Your Smal…

Is this the best use of my time?

Sometimes I find myself doing a task that is taking way more time than I thought it would. With unrelenting dedication, I usually plod through it. Not anymore. I will now ask myself, “ Is this the best use of my time?” If  I can’t say yes, then I will change what I’m doing. Here are some time savers that I learned from surfing the internet on my free time, (was that the best use of my time? Uh no, but it was fun and hopefully informative for readers).
1.Set high expectations for every day. Before starting work, establish your priorities and the order which you will do them. It is best if you can have quiet time to start the day for this. It also helps to write it down. Monday is a good day to establish your goals for the week, on one page. When prioritizing, keep at the top of the list the things that generate income or were assigned by your bosses.
Order Put away stuff that you are not working on, so your desk is uncluttered. It’s less distracting. Only work on one thing at a time. Divide …

Business Leaders for Michigan optimistic

BUSINESS LEADERS FOR MICHIGAN 4Q ECONOMIC OUTLOOK SURVEY: More optimistic about long-term outlook for both US and Michigan
DETROIT, Mich., January 17, 2012 – A survey of Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM), the state’s business roundtable, shows that the state’s largest employers are increasingly optimistic about Michigan’s short and long-term economic outlook.  “Michigan’s largest job providers are getting downright bullish on the state’s economic prospects and backing it up with increased hiring and investment,” said Doug Rothwell, President & CEO.  “Business leader optimism about the state’s long-term economy is at a three year high and nearly a third of the largest job providers are planning increased hiring and investment in the next six months.”

Highlights of the survey of Business Leaders for Michigan include:
Business leaders are beginning to feel more positive about the economy’s near-term outlook, reversing a trend of increasing pessimism that began at the start…

January brings a flurry of business events

There are many reasons to attend business events. In addition to networking, these gatherings help energize attendees. Taking a few hours to attend a workshop, seminar or meeting can pay off in inspiration, gathering ideas and face-to-face interface with people with similar goals.
 It seems like everyone is going full speed ahead with events for January. The Oakland Press calendar is full of creative happenings. If you have an event, please be sure to enter it on the calendar page at

Or see the Business calendar page and Submit an event links in the right column of this page.

Happening this week:

Jan. 17: Investment seminars
Troy-based LJPR, LLC, a financial advisor and wealth management firm, is hosting a seminar series that targets key areas to reduce uncertainty for attendees. The first seminar of the Reducing Uncertainty series is Economic Outlook for 2012, which will be held 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 17. Reducing Uncertainty in your Estate Plan will…

Azox is a Bronze Sponsor at Microsoft Converence 2012 in Houston

Azox is a bronze sponsor at Microsoft Convergence 2012 in Houston. This is the largest event for the Microsoft Dynamics business community and runs from March 18-21. Since 2002, Azox has been sponsoring Convergence and this year Azox will be exhibiting at booth 1210. We are looking to showcasing our latest solutions and meeting with customers, partners and Microsoft Dynamics GP users.

Convergence brings together customers, partners, team members and industry experts to get the most out of everyone’s investment in Microsoft Dynamics. Headlines include performances from DAUGHTRY at Minute Maid Park, and keynotes from Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner, and President of Microsoft Business Solutions Division, Kirill Tatarinov. Don’t forget Azox will also be sponsoring the Rock-N-Rave party, which will be at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar and Lucky Strike Lanes on March 19th from 9PM-2AM. Check out the Rock-N-Rave Facebook page for updates. We look forward to seeing many of you there at the ev…

Free seminars on starting a business offered

Those thinking about starting a business, or who have recently started one, are encouraged to attend a free “Fundamentals of Starting a Business” workshop offered by the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center.
This two-hour introductory seminar covers readiness to be in business, market research and will provide information and tools to start writing a business plan.
The following classes are scheduled in Flint: 9 to 11 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 17; 5-7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 2; 9 to 11 a.m. Tuesday, February 21; 1 to 3 p.m. Thursday, March 8; and 9 to 11 a.m. Tuesday, March 20. The following are scheduled in Lapeer at MCC:  9 to 11 a.m. Monday, Jan, 23; 9 to 11 a.m. Monday, Feb. 13 and 9 to 11 a.m. Monday, March 12. Attendees must register in advance for the free seminar at or call 810-762-9660. Search the “Business Startup” topic and find “Fundamentals of Starting a Business.”

Franchise business jobs projected to grow 2 percent

Franchise business jobs projected to grow 2.1 percent, an increase of 168,000 jobs in 2012. After three years of restrained growth, due to the recession, franchise businesses show signs of recovery in the year ahead, according to a report by IHS Global Insight for the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation. The Franchise Business Economic Outlook: 2012 forecasts modest growth in the number of establishments, employment, output and contributions to U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).
According to the report, franchise business growth has been restrained over the past three years due to underlying factors, such as the weak rebound in consumer spending, that have been a drag on the economy as a whole. In addition, tighter credit standards have limited the formation of new franchise small businesses and the expansion of existing businesses. As these conditions improve, the IHS Global Insight report forecasts an acceleration in the number of franchise businesses in 2012 a…

New Survey: Saving takes priority for young adults this year

From The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and The Ad Council

Young adults have made saving a priority this year – ahead of losing weight, living healthier and other typical New Year’s resolutions – as financial concerns take a toll on their friendships and personal lives, according to a new survey by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Ad Council.

The organizations released the results today to coincide with the launch of a new series of public service advertisements on behalf of their national Feed the Pig financial literacy campaign, which helps 25- to 34-year-olds take control of their finances and add saving to their daily lives.

According to the survey, nearly three in four young adults in the Feed the Pig demographic are worried more about personal finances because of today’s economy. Asked how those concerns are affecting them, almost half, or 48 percent, said they are socializing less with friends; 38 percent said they are losing slee…

5 Tips to avoid getting sued in the new year

Legal Advice from the Attorneys at Valorem Law Group
Within a business, there are few things worse than getting slapped with the dreaded lawsuit.  Not only are lawsuits expensive, but they can be time-consuming, draining and frustrating so how do you avoid one?  Valorem Law Group, a business litigation firm in Chicago, has provided five tips to avoid getting sued:
1.        Legal Contract Review:  Even for the most routine and mundane contracts, have someone from your legal counsel review the contract before signing. The money spent upfront for legal review will save you ten times more than skimping on legal fees and facing litigation from the contract down the road.  If using a standard form, make sure it has been reviewed in advance by counsel, and have it routinely updated.
2.      Professional Office Communication:  Train employees to use email professionally. Anything said internally or externally within an email may find its way to the other side in litigation.  People tend to forg…

GreenPath Debt Solutions says make 2012 the year to "leap" out of debt

New Year's Day is the traditional time for setting resolutions. Farmington Hills-based GreenPath Debt Solutions trainer Megan Bridgett offers up some simple and attainable ways to get financial goals in line in the first 60 days of the New Year. She recommends using the "extra" leap year day of February 29 as a financial jumping off point for the remainder of 2012.
January 1-31: On January 1, come up with a projected budget of your monthly expenses, breaking them into different categories: Groceries, clothing, entertainment, dining out, utilities, household bills, debts, etc." Then, for the month of January, hold on to every receipt," said Bridgett. GreenPath has a downloadable, interactive, budget worksheet and various calculators through GreenPath University to help you set an attainable budget and goals. Visit for more information.
Each week, go through the receipts and place them into the different categories that you …