Success is the top priority

It may seem silly, but the pursuit of success often gets put on the back burner. Too often, businesses and workers go into complacent survival mode. Simply taking a step back and rethinking the approach to a task can usually make a dramatic difference in the outcome. At the very least, it can improve the worker's attitude.

Sometimes it's impossible to take time for that. This should not be a constant scenario. There should be time periodically, to shift gears, evaluate what's happening, listen to new ideas and be open to change.
While planning is good, there shouldn't be too much time spent in planning or research or else the goal gets too far away. When describing a solution to a team, use examples either visual or spoken, to "show" what you mean. Use a trial run, to test an idea.

Priorities should center on what brings success. If an activity doesn’t seem to be productive, then ask why does it need to be done. If a process seems cumbersome, maybe there is a way to streamline it or break it into bite size segments to do later.


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