Opt out for privacy should be standard

The right to privacy should have its own amendment to the Bill of Rights. It is hinted at in several of the top amendments such as the first which protects freedom of speech and religion. Also, it may be covered under the ninth, which protects rights not enumerated in the constitution. But privacy, which affects all rights and freedom, isn't specifically covered.
In the digital age, it is being taken for granted and needs more protection.
Customers readily give up email addresses and cell phone numbers for small rewards such as a discount on every 10th pair of shoes purchased. People sign up for social networking sites that store and share tons of information about them. That is in addition to the information that people broadcast about themselves on Facebook and other sites.

When signing up for a loan, bank account or credit card: consumers receive a privacy notice which states they have to "opt out" of the institution's policy for sharing information with everybody. Even with opt out, the institution will still share with their partners.

People shouldn't have to opt out for privacy, it should be standard. If consumers want to share information, they can opt for it. This should apply to social networking too.
The threat to privacy is rampant on the internet. Here is a Newsweek article with some good tips for protecting privacy online. 10 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online/

If people speak up for the right to privacy, then businesses and government, will be more likely to step up to the plate to give them what they want. 
There's a new privacy protecting internet service and telephone provider that is planning to offer ubiquitous encryption (encrypted by default) for mobile phone service. Here's a link for more information. 


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