B2B Ecommerce Websites from Azox: One New, One Upgraded

A consumer-facing B2C site for Zila went live a couple weeks ago and now the company’s B2B ecommerce website is ready. Zila is an oral hygiene company that makes products used for oral care and cancer screening and sells them to dental professionals. The company’s B2B ecommerce website provides an environment that these professionals can use to browse electric toothbrushes, lasers, oral medications and more. While searching Zila’s inventory, users will be shown related products based on what they are viewing to encourage up selling and cross selling. From the back end, Zila employees are also able to assign specific users unique catalogs as they deemed fit. This web store is equipped with a shipping rate calculator that provides UPS, USPS, FedEx and Purolater rates as well as Azox Credit Card Extension, which allows customers to submit credit card payments in Microsoft Dynamics GP that are processed real time.

In addition to this new B2B site, Azox has also completed an upgrade for Eminence, one of their existing customers. Eminence is a loudspeaker manufacturing company. The company has implemented Azox B2B ecommerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as Azox Credit Card Extension, an epayment solution. The company was looking for a way to expedite the checkout process, so they opted for a new add-on. The Eminence B2B site now features one page\guest checkout, which makes placing an order quick and easy.

If you are in the market for a B2B or B2C web store, contact Azox today to learn more about what our solution offers. Azox also provides a Sales Portal site for customer service employees and sales reps as well as a mobile store. In addition to ecommerce, Azox has payment processing solutions for both ACH checks and credit cards as well as an online bill pay add-on module.


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