The Role of Gateways with Payment Processing in Dynamics GP

You have your ecommerce site setup and ready to go. Traffic is good and users want to make purchases. Now the question is do you have a solution for payment processing within Dynamics GP? And, if you do, are you confident in its security levels?

If you are using Azox Credit Card Extension on your website, when an order is placed in your web store, it is sent into the payment solution, which integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics GP back office software. From there, the credit card or bank account data is sent to a payment gateway, then to a bank payment processor, followed by the customer’s bank account and ends up at the merchant bank account. From here, it turns around and heads back to where it started. So, from the merchant’s bank account on to the customer’s bank account, then to a bank payment processor and finally back to the payment gateway again. In the end, it makes it back in your system with a notification of whether or not the payment was approved. Simple enough, right?

With payment processing, security of the cardholder’s data is a big part of this process, which is why payment gateways are a great solution. There are many gateways to choose from. Admeris, Authorize.NET, Chase Paymentech, CyberSource, Global Payments, Moneris, Paymover and Verisign are all on the list, which includes several others. Choosing between them is just a matter of finding what best fits your business.

When a payment is made, the customer’s credit card or bank information is encrypted. Azox Credit Card Extension encrypts credit card data through a process called tokenization. Tokenization technology allows credit card and account numbers to be stored by a third party, which eliminates compliance liability concerns. The third party is the payment gateway. The encrypted information is sent to the payment gateway where it remains during payment processing.

The other thing to consider with ACH and credit card processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP is PCI compliance. To obtain PCI compliance, a payment solution must meet certain standards established by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. This criterion has been established for security reasons and reduces fraud.

Azox Credit Card Extension is PA-DSS certified. This payment solution for Dynamics GP supports numerous payment gateways, uses tokenization technology and more. To take your ecommerce website to the next level, consider the addition of this payment solution. Contact the Azox sales team to schedule a demo. For more information on this topic, check out our latest post on the ERP Software Blog.


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