Marketing agency hosts digital education webinars

FENTON — The marketing agency 3Sixty Interactive hosted their second webinar in their Digital Lunch Break webinar series “CEO’s Guide to Digital Marketing,” recently.This webinar focused on what CEO’s, business owners and marketers need to know about the digital world. 3Sixty Interactive webinar host, Dale Keipert, explained the steps necessary to decide to plan and execute a successful digital campaign. He stressed the need for a strategy, understanding Return on Effort, market segmentation and more.
“We understand that CEO’s, business owners and marketers are feeling frustrated with their digital marketing results. They’ve been told that by simply being online, their business would see results,” stated Dale Keipert, Chief Strategist at 3Sixty Interactive.
The webinar, “CEO’s Guide to Digital Marketing,” video and slides is available on their website. View the “CEO’s Guide to Digital Marketing” webinar. 3Sixty has also made their white paper about the “CEO’s Guide to Digital Marketing” available for download.
Next month the Digital Lunch Break webinar series will continue with the webinar “Attracting Your Customer” that will look at Generation Y customers, B2B customers, B2C customers and early adaptors. Register at


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