Lessons In Love From Starbucks CEO

Watch Entire BookTV VIDEO Interview with Howard Schultz

 Struggle brings out the best in some. Howard Schultz, Starbucks founder and CEO, is one who meets struggle with a calm confidence we can all learn from. If you want to learn about GIVING, ASKING and SHARING watch this handbook in new leadership.

I used my iPhone to capture the segment above where Schultz discusses a favorite topic - LOVE. Love can't be faked. Let me amend that. Love can't be faked indefinitely. Our inability to fake love for long is why TIME is part of Google's algorithm and why Schultz is a perfect leader for the digital age.

Read about my vulnerability and how I'm trying to use it on Google Plus.

Starbucks has over 200,000 employees. Think on that for a second. Starbucks employees are about half the size of Durham, North Carolina (where I live). During another section of Schultz interview he discusses another favorite topic - the need for transparency. He also discusses where authentic transparency comes from - the willingness to be vulnerable.

If that sounds like Brene Brown's "Power To Be Vulnerable" TED video it felt that way to me too:


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