7 Hero Stories Every Website Should Share

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Sharing Hero Stories

Stories are the key to engagement and conversion online. Marketing is, has and will always been about stories. The stories we tell ourselves, believe and tell others form the core of human aspiration and marketing is nothing if not aspirational.

In Hero With A Thousand Face American mythologist Joseph Campbell explains that every culture is built on stories, stories with more in common than many realize. The "hero's journey" is at the core of many myths, legends and popular movies.

Websites tell "hero stories" too. Here are 7 types of hero stories websites tell:

7 Kinds of Hero Stories Told Online

  • Enlightened.

  • Vicarious.

  • Altruistic.

  • Rescue.

  • Stranger.

  • Like Us.

  • Heroes Together.

Examples (with links) of each hero story: Hero Story Examples


Submit Your Hero Story Examples: Hero Story Search

(will eventually put a contest on this link)



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