Friday, 13 September 2013

Secret Prize For Top Social Media Buzzer In October


We need help from social media and Internet marketing wizards. We are launching two major nonprofit websites in October: (crowdfunding cancer research) and (shop to cure cancer).

Both websites are funded by Atlantic BT and me and 100% of's donations go to cancer research. This is how I pay back people who've worked so hard to save my live (I'm a cancer survivor) and how Atlantic BT pays their amazing growth and success forward.  Both websites are part of the Story of Cancer Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit.

We need great online marketers to help beat the "cure cancer drum" in October, increase awareness of these two new ideas and demonstrate the power of social media marketing. If you are up for a challenge please join the Cure Cancer Buzz Team Today. If you can tweet you can help cure cancer.

We also need great editors, writers, photographers, video artists, artists (see our Art Cures Cancer contest) and anyone who wants to be part of something unique, special and fun.

Unique Prize

Four weeks after launch we will tally up IMPACT from our social media marketers and select ten outstanding Cure Cancer Buzz Team members. We will ask our community who deserves a special reward.

We've read Drive by Daniel Pink and know most people help worthy causes out of a sense of altruism and a desire to help. I've benefited from the kindness of strangers many times including the strangers that made a cancer drug that saved my life.

Four weeks after Cure Cancer Starter's launch we will award a unique prize to the TOP BUZZER along with our THANKS and appreciation. This "secret prize" will be the 4th one ever made and we hope the winner will be able to point that fact out with great pride as thousands of these secret new products walk around the planet helping raise cure cancer research money.

Want to guess? Here are three hints:

1. Both men and women look great in it.

2. Many will have already owned one at one point in their lives.

3. This new product will be a great Cure Cancer communicator despite the fact it is NOT electronic or digital.

FOM (Friends of Martin) Hint: Sue Rush has a picture of Ray Galvin wearing Martin's back in the day.

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