Social Media's ROI Magic: Using SMM As A Tactic

Please Join Cure Cancer Buzz Team & Beat The CURE CANCER Drum this October

Heroes and Friends of Martin's (FOMs)

I'm worried and my friends know it. I've gone and bet the farm again and it would appear we will come in short of our goals. How do I know this? Social Media Marketing. Prior to social media, back when I sold M&M's, our marketing didn't live in the NOW.

At Mars we would dutifully benchmark our new Twix campaign based on other similar campaigns and miss more than we hit. Social media can rescue such SWAGs. I put the spreadsheet for this post in a public Google doc here:

Buzz Team Analysis on Google

Using Social Media To Create ROI

I painstakingly visited each current Cure Cancer Buzz Team's social profiles to harvest their followers. I wanted to know if we have enough Cure Cancer Buzz Teamers as of today and the answer is no. If we launch Cure Cancer Starter and Cure Cancer Store in October (looks like Monday the 7th now) we may fall short of our crowdfunding goals simply because we don't have enough of a crowd yet.

Key Metrics

Total "followers" across all social are around 500,000.

If we move 4% to Cure Cancer Starter that would be 20,000 people.

If those people convert at 5% with an average contribution of $50 then Cure Cancer Starter helps raise $50,000, not bad but not BINGO either.

We will have 8 cure cancer "campaigns" from UNC Lineberger Cancer Center, the Duke Cancer Institute, Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo and UW Carbone Cancer Center in Wisconsin.

We will also have the help of Cure Cancer Buzz Team members.

And, if we don't find between 20 and 40 more Buzzers we will fall short.

ROI Magic

Here is where social media's ability to make the abstract and historic relevant to now is magical. We know we will come up about $30,000 short. Divide $30,000 by $50 average contribution means we need almost 600 contributors.

If we think about contributors as coming from the social media waterfall we've already established we can divide our shortfall by the average social following to discover we need 19 more Cure Cancer Starter HEROES to join. Since some of this math is a tad on the optimistic and magical side lets safely double our number and say we need to find 40 more Buzzers between now and October 1st.

Cure Cancer Buzz Team Benefits

We are working on a cool new website to heap praise and thanks on heroic friends, power Internet marketers and people who know how to do the right thing (over and over again). Most who help will have no expectation of reward pointing out precisely whey they are so special.

I've bet on the kindness of strangers several times and never been disappointed.

But I'm worried now having very possibly bitten off more than I can chew (lol). Why am I straining personal finances and friendships to build 2 BIG project at the same time? I'm not depressed about having cancer, I have leukemia, but I am IN A HURRY.

I don't ask people reading this to stop busy lives and contribute by becoming a Cure Cancer Buzz Team Member to save me, though that is what is happening. I ask you to pause and contribute your ability to SHARE an idea whose time has come - curing cancer in our lifetime.

I hope your children and their children only know cancer from a Google search. Cancer is a scurge and our inability to cure it, despite great strides, limits our aspirations and desires. Cancer teaches many lessons such as you always have what you need and NOW is what is real, sure and granted.

My health is good despite having days when it feels like a monster sits on my head. We all have those days. Tomorrow please take out your sword (or cell phone) and smote the dragon, kill the monster and JOIN us as we create our aspirations and live as close to dreams as is humanly possible.




Founder Story of Cancer Foundation, 501c3

Founder - crowdfunding cancer research (Launches 10.7.13)

Founder - shop to cure cancer. (Launches 10.7.13)


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