End of The Month Webinars

Attend Azox end of the month webinars. We will be hosting three webinars next week.

Product Webinars

Webinar - Credit Card Processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Looking for a software solution that processes credit card orders securely, reliably and easily. Attend this webinar and learn more about this solution that allows you to process credit cards directly within Microsoft Dynamics GP. Register Here.

Webinar - Integrated E-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Find out how this e-commerce solution can help get your business online all while being completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Learn how consumers, distributors and customer service representatives can place orders online while having orders flow through to Microsoft Dynamics GP real-time. Enjoy greater website features such as search engine optimization management, Content Management and easier web design capabilities with drag and drop web parts and skinning. Register Here.

Partner Program Webinar

Azox Partner Program - New Opportunities to Grow Your Business

For resellers of Microsoft Products find out the benefits of becoming an Azox partner under the new Azox Partner Program. Differentiate your business and accelerate profitability by promoting and selling Azox solutions. We will discuss the new program and how partners can take advantage to generate more business. Register Here.


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