Oakland County workers are getting ahead

Oakland County workers are being hired and promoted. The economy might not be the best it's ever been, but things are brightening up for many.
Unfortunately, there is still a great deal of joblessness. A friend of mine said, "It's a depression for those who have lost their job." It's a recession for families who have had reduced or threatened income.
For those who have been spared "lost wages," many are working to reduce their debt and get in better shape financially.
Business really seems to be picking up, judging by the number of e-mails The Oakland Press receives about  people starting new businesses, expanding, hiring and promoting. If you have a new business or expansion in Oakland or Macomb county, be sure to e-mail to business.news@oakpress.com.
Read about Oakland County movers and shakers People on the Move on The Oakland Press website.


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